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How could I get the DSP-LIB named dsp64xe.lib

Dear All: 

       Here is my problem: my  DSP C6416 was set as the big endian model, and when I was using the DSP_FFT16X16t function, I find in my LIB I only got the support LIB named dsp64x.lib. This is a LIB used for little endian. And  the document published by TI said I should use the LIB named dsp64xe.lib. But in my support LIB, I got nothing called that name .  How am I supposed to do?  Could anyone HELP me out?

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    Jie Fang,

    Welcome to the TI E2E forum. I hope you will find many good answers here and in the TI.com documents and in the TI Wiki Pages. Be sure to search those for helpful information and to browse for the questions others may have asked on similar topics.

    The DSPLIB installation includes the source and the little-endian version of the library. So you will need to re-build the source into a big-endian output format.

    The README64.txt file that comes with the installation references an API document and includes the command line to re-build the dsplib.lib library using the mk6x program.

    The mk6x program is described in the C-Compiler user's guide, spru187, where you can find the available options to use to select all of the build features you want for your output library. For example, you would add the -me option to the command line that is shown in the README64.txt file to simply change the endianess of the output file.


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    Dear RandyP,

        Thanks for your patience to answer my question. According to your answer,I think I have found a way to solve my problem . thank you very much.

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        Jie Fang