CCS: TMS320C6747

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I'm using 'D.Module2.C6747' and 'ADDA500K16' assembled in 'D.Module2.Base-P' and Code Composer Studio

I want to operate without using CCS, when i push 'RESET' or 'SETUP' button which is moundted 'D.Module2.Base-P'.

But i don't know how to modify CCS settings. So, if i want to above operate mode, is it just modify CCS settings or another setting?

I hope your prompt reply.

Thanks, Shion.

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  • Guru 83070 points

    I believe what you want to do is to run the D.Module2 board without CCS attached, which means run from the on-board Flash memory. If this is not what you want to do, please explain again for me.

    When you connect to the target using CCS, there is usually a GEL script that runs automatically to initialize the C6747 and possibly some devices on the board. This initialization must be done by your program, so those features from the GEL file will need to be copied to your own program and tested there before writing to the Flash. When testing it this way, you will need to remove the GEL file from the Target Configuration file and reset your C6747, then connect/load/run on the C6747 through CCS to confirm the new program works correctly.

    It appears the D.Module board includes software utilities. These should include the software for programming your verified program into the Flash. Once programmed into the Flash, you will be able to run without CCS attached.


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