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TMS320C6713B: upgradation of TMS320c6713 Eval kit for compatible with CCS v6.0 and windows 7

Part Number: TMS320C6713B

Dear Friends

I want to find information about the alternate(upgrade) starter kit /Eval kit of TMS320c6713 DSK

which will support CCS v6.0 & Windows 7 and similar configuration of TMS320c6713 DSK starter kit.

Best Regards

Gopal ...

  • Hi Gopal,

    I recommend you TI's newest low power, fixed-and-floating point DSP look at TMDSC674x DSPs and the TMDSLCDK6748 development kit:

    Tsvetolin Shulev
  • In reply to Cvetolin Shulev-XID:

    Hi Tsvetolin Shulev

    Thanks for  your  response.  Actually, my requirement for digital signal processing are 32 bit EMIF external interface, 16 bit GPIO and one McBSP communication that was available in

    TMS320c6713 starter kit. But your suggest board(TMS320c6748) is for Video & signal process with  SATA, USB and serial communication for external interface. I have not found any external EMIF I/O & GPIO  interface in your recommended kit. So, my required DSP board for my present project has to be similar with TMS320c6713 which has the above interfacing facilities and also support CCSv6.0 and windows 7.

    Wait for your kind next suggestion.


    Gopal ..

  • In reply to Gopal Sarkar:

    Wait for your valuable suggestions ..



  • In reply to Gopal Sarkar:


    May i know the reason for looking C6713 alternate development kit ? You may not expect all the C6713 DSK features in other development kit. The C6748 LCDK is a low cost development kit which has EMIF 16 bit interface in J14 connector and few GPIO's. You would also get better support for this device.



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  • In reply to SenthilKumar Srinivasan:

    Hi Srinivasan

    Presently, i am working on TMS320c6713 dsk with CCS v3.3 and windows XP. But as per our present scenario , our all OS platform has been updated to windows 7

    and we have purchased CCS v6.0. So my present DSP (c6713)platform is not supporting to CCS v6.0 and windows 7. For that reason, I am looking for new updated

    DSP kit which is similar feature with c6713 and supporting to CCS v6.0 and windows 7. I need 32bits  EMIF external interface & 16 bits GPIO and one McBSP interface.

    wait for your reply .

  • Guru 83140 points

    In reply to Gopal Sarkar:


    Why do you have the requirement for 32-bits EMIF?

    The C6748 has two EMIF buses that can operate simultaneously giving you much better total throughput than with the C6713. The 16-bit EMIFB is for a DDR2 memory and can run up to 156MHz == 312MT/s, which is equivalent in a general sense to running a 32-bit EMIF at 156MHz yet the C6713 only operates up to 100MHz for its SDRAM interface.

    For asynchronous peripheral accesses, the EMIFA interface also runs up to 100MHz like the C6713, although only 16 bits wide. But you can be accessing DDR2 over EMIFB at the same time as accessing peripherals over EMIFA.

    The C6748 LCDK would be a much more suitable development platform for your other requirements. And you can move to the latest CCSv7 without any licensing fees.


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  • In reply to RandyP:

    Dear RandyP

    Thanks for your kind information. For my present project with TMS320c6713 starter kit, i am using 32bits external EMIF I/O interface for data  process and 11 GPIO pins for control process.

    But due to my os update (Windows xp to 7), this board and ccsv3.3 are not supported. But i have checked and have not found any EMIF port and GPIO port in your recommended

    TMS320C6748 DSP Development Kit (LCDK). That you are saying, this features are in  TMS320c6748 processor not in directly  Development Kit (LCDK). ( http://www.ti.com/lit/ml/sprt633/sprt633.pdf

    , i can access external interface like your above information.

    Wait for your reply.

    Regards Gopal

  • Guru 83140 points

    In reply to Gopal Sarkar:


    From the TMDSLCDK6748 product page, you can download all the documentation for the board. The product bulletin you referenced is a simple 2-page marketing flyer, but it does mention the expansion connectors. You may have to physically add the headers, but I am not sure how they boards are delivered - but the functionality is there. Take a look at the schematics to see if you can achieve your goal.


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