Having problem with installing USB drivers on Windows 7 platform

My University got new equipment for Lab, DSP Starter Kit (DSK) for the TMS320C6713, and I my task is to prepare some Lab example. I just started with installing software and got 2 error massages for CCS 3.1., but it works. Everything goes smooth with installation till that moment when Windows needed to find USB drivers. I tried manually to show Windows where the drivers are, but it just don't want to accept it. Do anyone have some solution? I tried to install newer verison of CCS, but I'm new in this world and I'm not sure what I installed with CCS 4.2. There are many tools and I have no idea which is for what. So this solution wasn't so good. 

So, again, is there anyone who knows how to install USB drivers for TMS320C6713?

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