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Timer in DSK TMS320C6713

I am trying to create delay with timer. I have read in timer document that in 6713 processor timer run at (CPU clk/4), but I have confusions that it seems to me that it does not run (CPU clk/4), and also when I change DIV2 (peripheral clock) in PLL file delay also changes. 



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    It is clear from the documentation that the timer runs at CPU/4. Why are you confused?

    Do you have a way to confirm the CPU Clock speed to know that it is running at the speed you expect?

    When you change DIV2, what other effects do you see, such as the CPU Clock changing? This should not happen, either.


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    Thanks for reply.

    In TMS320C6713 timer run at SYSCLK/2.

    SYSCLK2 rate must be half or less of SYSCLK1.

    So if SYSCLK2 is half of SYSCLK1 then timer run at CPU/4 or SYSCLK/4.