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RE: TMS320-XDS100-V3 Emulator

Marcelo - please post your question in the C67x device forum:



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  • hi ki-soo i'd like to replace a old DSP (TMS320DA708B) the problem is that i can find a new one . i found a new onw but the mark od DSP are TMS320DA788E so do you have the knowhow if its compatible?? the aplication are the same and by esquematic diagram the are the same.
    can you help me??
    Best regards!
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    The DA7xx family is for performance audio certified parts that are not supported on public forums. Can you please get in touch with your local TI contact/ sales to get recommendation of newer audio DSP parts as indicated here:

    We have newer C674x DSP achitecture based DA8xx devices (similar archtecture to OMAPL137 found on ti.com)and C66x architecture based DA10x devices (similar archtecture to 66AK2G02 on ti.com) that may suit your application.


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    Marcelo, what kind of product are you building (general answer is OK)?  What codecs (Dolby, etc) are you using?

    As Rahul said, there are some successors to the DA7xx line, but which one we recommend depends highly on the question that I just asked.