Video resolution on Android 2.3.4 Browser - BeagleBoard-xM

Dear All,

This is what  i have done.

I am customizing Android 2.3.4 ,where i have change the resolution of display to 1280x720.

Problem I am facing is:

When I open a Browser with url:, i can see all the  available  video pictures list.

And when I select one of the picture video from the list, browser starts playing video with the resolution 480x640 of Mobile screen size, which i am not interested in.

I want the browser start playing the video with the resolution 1280x720.

I am facing this problem with not only with playing video in "Browser" but also in "Media Player".

Could any one help me, by sharing there experiences and provide me a solution to play the video on Browser and Media Player with 1280x720 resolution.



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  • Hi Aslam,

    Android s/w codec does not support 720p reslutions for media files by default. Kindly check the same in framework/media/stagefright code.

    If you are using h/w codec then it should work.

    Note: TI android devkit does not gets released with h/w codec for all plaforms. We have one release for DM3730 with h/w codec




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  • In reply to Satish Patel:

    Dear Satish


    I saw the reply of my question. I was the discussing the same here, there was communication error in my question from my side,  i am sorry for that.

    The actual problem what i am facing is this.

    When i play a video file on the target (i.e., BeagleBoard-xm) i see the Image is beening displayed in the "Portrait form" .

    I am looking for the Image to be displayed in the "Landscape format".

    Please help me out in this.


  • In reply to Mahaboob Aslam:


    Could you send that youtube or video link ? I will try it out here...




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  • In reply to Satish Patel:

    Dear Satish

    Any video you play from "" has the same problem on the browser.

    with  this  reply, i am sending two image files which show how the video image display is happening.

    if you look at these below images  you see the video image is in  "Portrait " format, which it is on left side of the screen.

    what i am looking for is displaying the image in the "Landscape " format, which should be on the center of the screen.

    Please help me out regarding this issue



  • Aslam,

    I am having exactly the same problem. By default the screen is set to 720x524 and the Android shows full screen without any problem. It also shows correctly images to this resolution, but as soon as i play a movie (3gp) through MediaPlayer, it makes it in vertically compacted. It seems to be running at 480x574 resolution. Here is an example:

    I am playing a 3gp movie which has resolution 176x144, but it seems to convert it into 480x524 resolution. I see it occupying vertically full screen, but horizontally only two thirds, which makes the movie stretched vertically.

    Here is some related logging:

    V/VideoActivity( 6950): startVideoPlayback: movie metrics: w=176, h=144
    V/VideoActivity( 6950): startVideoPlayback: screen metrics: 0 0 720 524
    W/AudioPolicyManagerALSA(  994): AudioPolicyManagerALSA::getStrategyForStream() Stub Called...
    W/AudioPolicyManagerALSA(  994):  redirecting AudioPolicyManagerALSA::getStrategy()
    D/TIOverlay( 1069): overlay_createOverlay:IN w=176 h=144 format=0x16
    I/Overlay ( 1069): v4l2_overlay_init:: w=160 h=120
    I/Overlay ( 1069): v4l2_overlay_init:: w=176 h=144
    I/Overlay ( 1069): v4l2_overlay_init:: w=176 h=144
    I/Overlay ( 1069): 3 buffers allocated 3 requested
    I/Overlay ( 1069): buffer cookie is 2
    I/TIOverlay( 1069): Opened video1/fd=173/obj=0034d5b8/shm=169/size=4096
    D/TIOverlay( 1069): overlay_createOverlay: OUT
    I/TIOverlay( 1069): Position/X0/Y0/W0/H0
    I/TIOverlay( 1069): Adjusted Position/X0/Y50/W480/H524
    I/TIOverlay( 1069): Rotation/0
    I/Overlay ( 1069): v4l2_overlay_set_position:: original w=176 h=144
    I/Overlay ( 1069): v4l2_overlay_set_position:: new w=480 h=524
    I/Overlay ( 1069): dumping driver state:
    I/Overlay ( 1069): output pixfmt: w 176, h 144, colorsapce 7, pixfmt UYVY
    I/Overlay ( 1069): v4l2_overlay window: l 0, t 50, w 480, h 524
    I/Overlay ( 1069): output crop: l 0, t 0, w 176, h 144

    As you can see for some reason, the movie is converted into 480x524 (see highlighted lines)

    I have played with some settings for screen resolution during boot, but no luck.


  • In reply to Vladimir Lebedev:


    For this last post are you using custom .apk or a browser?

    if it is custom .apk there are some properties in views/surface to scale and other properties to "wrap content" or "fill parent", some of this values could be changing the final resolution.

    is this happening for all videos or only one? and is it H264? this format has a crop property that not all player's properties window shows, normally it shows cropped resolutions not original resolution.


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