TI Android 2.3.4 Camera Preview is skipping frame in random intervals


I migrated from android froyo 2.2(linux kernel 2.6.32) to android 2.3.4 having linux kernel 2.6.37 , In froyo i was getting smooth display but in gingerbread as i am starting the camera preview i am facing frame skipping issue at random interval.

I am using TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3.4-DevKit-2.1 release for OMAP35xx evm and DM3730 board

I tried with fake camera apps(Default Camera Stub) also, it is also stoping for few seconds in intervals.

I tried my Camera driver with linux also , in linux i am not getting this issue with linux 2.6.37, so i feel the issue is with sgx driver or in android display side(framebuffer driver).

Is any major change between sgx version used by froyo and gingerbread ?

Can i use froyo sgx driver for gingerbread ?i am attaching my logcat log f

If anybody already faced this issue, Please help me out



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