I placed MT29F8G08ABABA nand flash on DM8168 board,

MT29F8G08ABABA is 4096 bytes per page with 224 bytes OOB.

Page size: 4320 (4096 + 224bytes)

Block size: 128 pages (512K +28K bytes)

Size: 1GB

Dies: 1

Chip selects: 1

ID: 0x38

I have checked the current kernel code on PSP linux-2.6.37-psp04.00.00.13, I found that kernel can't support NAND device with very large page size (4Kbytes/page with 224bytes oob) .

please check drivers/mtd/nand/davinci_nand.c for more detail.

733         /* 4KiB page chips are not yet supported. The eccpos from
734          * nand_ecclayout cannot hold 80 bytes and change to eccpos[]
735          * breaks userspace ioctl interface with mtd-utils. Once we
736          * resolve this issue, NAND_ECC_HW_OOB_FIRST mode can be used
737          * for the 4KiB page chips.
738          *
739          * TODO: Note that nand_ecclayout has now been expanded and can
740          *  hold plenty of OOB entries.
741          */

so, when will TI fixed the issue? in next psp release?