CriticalBlue announces support for TI C66x DSPs

CriticalBlue( has announced support of TI c66x device architectures as part of their PRISM product offering.  PRISM is an Eclipse-based multicore analysis and exploration tool intended to enable developers to evaluate parallelization strategies of their existing application software.  With PRISM users can take their existing serial application software and explore how to migrate and best capitalize on TI multicore architectures without any upfront code changes.  It is as easy as taking your existing software running today on a single processor, compiling and running in the standard TI simulator, capturing simulator traces, and importing into PRISM.  PRISM can then be used to determine the best path to start implementing the application for TI multicore devices including identifying potential data dependencies only visible when parallelizing software execution on multiple processors.  The power of the tools lie in their ability to allow rapid prototyping of various parallelization strategies prior to implementation of software changes.


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