BIOS-MCSDK 2.0.4: Maintenance update for C66x BIOS-MCSDK

BIOS MCSDK 2.0.4 is available for download; this is a maintenance update for the production R2.0.0 release. This update can be manually downloaded or automatically downloaded directly from CCS using Eclipse Update Manager; see the BIOS MCSDK User's Guide for details on setting up automatic software updates.

The major updates from the last maintenance release, BIOS MCSDK 2.0.3, are:

  • IPC transport optimizations for SRIO and QMSS
  • New kernels and platforms support in DSPLIB and IMGLIB
  • Updated IPC component
  • Bug fixes (see the Release Notes for full list)

The major updates in past maintenance releases from the production release are:

  • Bug fix for PA LLD for mismatch between the OSAL begin and end tags
  • Added Linux development host support (install and build in Linux)
  • Update to SYS/BIOS for C6678 interrupt fix
  • Added PCIe example for C6670 EVM
  • Added ability to do NDK loopback in out-of-box demonstration (HUA)
  • Updates to CSL, SRIO LLD, and HyperLink LLD
  • Updated foundational target software (SYS/BIOS, IPC, XDC)
  • Added multicore application deployment tool (MAD)
  • Updated Code Generation Tools to version 7.2.4
  • Bug fixes (see the Release Notes for full list)

The BIOS Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) provides the core foundational building blocks that facilitate application software development on TI's high performance and multicore DSPs. This software release gives developers the ability to evaluate major software capabilities of KeyStone family devices TMS320C6678 and TMS320C6670. Support is provided for the TMDXEVM6678L and TMDXEVM6670L evaluation boards and C66x simulators found in CCS 5.0.3 and CCS 5.1.0.

The foundational components include:

  • SYS/BIOS which is a light-weight real-time embedded operating system for TI devices
  • Chip support libraries, drivers, and basic platform utilities
  • Interprocessor communication for communication across cores and devices
  • Basic networking stack and protocols
  • Optimized application-specific and application non-specific algorithm libraries
  • Debug and instrumentation
  • Bootloader and boot utilities
  • Demonstrations and examples

See the following wiki pages for more information:

Note that C66x device queries should be posted to the C66x Multicore E2E forum, while development tool queries should be posted to the CCS or Compiler forums as appropriate.  MCSDK related queries should be posted to the BIOS forum.