DM365: Unable to read from /dev/video0 (kernel 2.6.37)

hello everyone,

I've just finished building a FileSystem+Kernel Image from arago, with kernel linux-davinci-2.6.37-psp03.21.00.04.sdk-r57.

everything seems to be working, aside from one problem: v4l2 isn't working


every time I try to run dmai/ce example / gstreamer pipeline / manually read from /dev/video0 I'm getting the following error:

invalid media connection to video node
invalid external subdev


My bootargs are:

console=ttyS0,115200n8 noinitrd rw ip= root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=,nolock mem=60M video=davincifb:vid0=OFF:vid1=OFF:osd0=720x576x16,4050K dm365_imp.oper_mode=0 davinci_capture.device_type=1 davinci_display.cont2_bufsize=6291456 vpfe_capture.bufsize=829440davinci_enc_mngr.ch0_mode=pal vpfe_capture.interface=0


dmesg after boot:



I've looked in the kernel sources and it looks like the failure occurs in vpfe_video.c, but I have no idea why any function there would fail since tvp5146 was registered OK


any help would be great!



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