DM8168 EVM eth1 giga interface problem



I'm using DM8168 DDR3 EVM Rev-C with daughter board (TMDXVSDC8168) and ezsdk

My app's main function is receving data from eth0 and save it to SATA HDD and retransmitting to eth1.

eth0 is work well with gigabit ethernet, but eth1 is not.

When I boot EVM eth1 connected to a gigabit port, no data transmission occurred.

At this time I unplug the eth1 cable and plug to a 100M port, data transmission is occurred.

After data transmission is occurred, I connect eth1 to a giga port again, data transmission is work-well.


When EVM is booted with eth1 connected 100M port, all data transmission is no porblem.

More exactly explan is;

When boot eth1 with giga port, I check ifconfig command, some ethernet packets are received from eth1.

But, no data is transmitted from my app, also no ping reponse to eth1 from outside.

At this time, I run 'ifconfig eth1 down' and the EVM is hangged.

Before EVM is hannged, I do unplug eth1 cable from giga port and replug it to giga port again,

no data transmission.


Help me.