Debug DSPLINK without Code Composer studio


     I am using dsplink   I am using OMAPL132.  I had rebuild dsplink with increased code size.

I had 3 Queues. 2 Queue for DSP to ARM communication and 1 Queue for ARM to DSP communication.

My ARM side application is always waiting forever in MSGQ_get .   In my DSP side code, I had MSGQ_put .

What will be reason? 

How to debug DSP side application?   I am not using  Code Composer Studio  I am using dvsdk and Makefile to compile DSP side in ubuntu 10.04.

I tried to compile through Code Composer studio but it failed shows error in random file.  The error given below

ERROR: Cannot open command file /0117288 Invalid argument

ERROR: File not found /0117288  :

Please Help me.

-Kalaiyarasan ES

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