Adobe Flash Plugin 10.2 for Linux Embedded ARM Not Working

I am attempting to use the Adobe Flash Plugin 10.2 for Linux Embedded ARM systems supplied by your group on a demonstration/evaluation basis. This Flash plugin is being run on an ARM A8 processor, with a Debian Linux OS. I installed this plugin to be used by the Mozilla Firefox browser. The Flash Player plugin is in the 'plugins' directory of the Mozilla Firefox browser and is recognized by the browser as a valid plugin in the 'pluginreg.dat' file. The other two video libraries are in the '/lib' directory, where they should be from what I could tell performing 'ldconfig -v'. I attempted to load a webpage with a simple Flash file loaded. When the page loads, I get the outline of the Flash object, but no Flash animation. I could use help understanding why this is the case. I tested the page on a desktop Mozilla Firefox browser with success and feel that the page working should be transparent from desktop to embedded.

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