Kernel - Common Problems Booting Linux : Stuck at "Starting Kernel" and "Uncompressing Linux"

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We would face lot of booting issues while we bring up the custom board,

The below TI wiki page helps you to understand the nature of error and provide solution to fix the issue.

I hope this page would helps for those who are new to the TI forum.

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Please use the latest processor SDK package for your platform (K2H,K2E,C665x,C667x etc.,)

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  • Update:
    Newer versions of Linux have adopted FDT (flattened device tree) to describe the Hardware instead of hard coding in the kernel image. This is to enable build once and use across platforms.
    Using this one can boot same kernel image on many a platforms by providing a device tree blob (compiled from device tree source files - dts) that describe teh targeted hardware.
    Reference [ ] and []

    Care needs to be taken when chosing the device tree blob to be loaded base don the actual Hardware - usually passed via bootargs as "fdtfile=<file name>".
    When the dtb doesnt match the HW it sometimes results in Kernel being stuck at "Starting kernel..."
    or sometimes might result in a wrong device configuration such as memory size mismatch
    or trying to initialize a peripheral at wring clock or a peripheral that doesn't even exist.