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how to use DSP link on Hawk-board..


i am trying to use DSP lin for my project can any one help how to use it in Linux running on Hawkboard..


  • Hello,

    Follow the DSPLINK user guide to build and install for your platform. Please note that dsplink is validated against the Linux PSP release which comes with DVSDK and since there is not official dvsdk for Hawkboard per say hence you may need to manually build it with your hawkboard kernel. FYI,  Most of the recipes for building dvsdk components (cmem, dsplink, dmai, ce etc) are already present in Arago and OE may be you should it will be easier to build all the dvsdk components directly from OE. For more information about building using OE or Arago refer their project site and use their mailing list to answer any build related questions.



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    Thanks Brijesh...

    Will it support Devkit8000 i am having that board also..