DM365 MPEG2 Encode unexpected Green Overrapping


We are facing with DM365 MPEG2 Encoding troubles such as unexpected Block Noise and unexpected Green Overlapping at each macro block basis.
Please look at the sample small bitmap file for your understanding.

Are there any countermeasures?

・MPEG-2 Encoder:
・Input: NTSC/PAL
the parameters will be posted later.

If you see the attached mpeg file (test45_MPEG2_NTSC_M2N5_p_0.mpg) which was generated by DM365 Codec, you can find out all of the I Frames are overlapped Green and different from all of P frames.
It is a little bit hard to see with the naked eye but if you analyze with some mpeg analysis you could definitely could find.

Anybody help us.


Click here to play this video