DM6467 H264 High profile decoder questions


    In TI's H.264 decoder for DM6467, how many reference frames are supported?

    We are using TI's H.264 decoder version So far we have been using it to decode the Main Profile video with 1 reference frame.

   However, for the next generation of the s/w we are planning to add the support of decoding the high profile video with upto 8 reference frames.

   I have gone through the documentation and the only mention of the reference frames is not clear. The user guide says' Supports multiple slices and multiple reference frames'. Does this mean the TI decoder can support decoding of H.264 High profile video with maximum (16) reference frames?

  Also I read that h264 decoder "Supports up to 16 MV per MB". Does this mean that some video clips using 32 MVs per MB (in case of B frames), will not be successfully decoded by this decoder?


Santosh Madanwad