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Integrating AAC Encode Codecs into DM3730 DVSDK

I want to use the AACHEENC or AACLCENC codecs on the DM3730 EVM.  I noticed that the encode demo that ships with the latest DVSDK for some reason does not include these codecs.  I've downloaded them separately from the TI website and have integrated them into the codec server.  The integration process seems to have gone smoothly.  However, when I try to create an instance of either audio encoder, I always get a Remote Node create FAILURE message.  I've tried looking at the DSP trace and there isn't any message that I can see that stands out to help figure out this error.

Does anyone know if the AAC encoders can be used on this platform?  I'm curious as to why the encode demo that ships wit the DVSDK has pretty much every other type of encode codec but suspiciously doesn't include the AAC encoders.



  • I've included the log file in this follow up post.  The creation of the AACLCENC starts at line 781 in the log.  I'm using the default parameters that are set up by DMAI (in Aenc1.c).

    The version of DVSDK that I'm using is:

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.  I've scoured the forums and haven't found any solution that has solved this issue.



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    Studying the log, I found the following message which might be helpful.

    [DSP] @0,791,213tk: [+7 T:0x8fb40454 S:0x8fb440fc] ti.sdo.ce.alg.Algorithm - Algorithm_create> Algorithm creation FAILED; make sure that 1) alg params are correct/appropriate, 2) there is enough internal and external algorithm memory available -- check DSKT2 settings for heap assignments and scratch allocation

    My first guess would be that the heap is not large enough, although I don't see any memory allocation failures. I don't know why the codec does not ship with the DVSDK. Maybe someone from that team can answer.

    ~ Ramsey

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    I have tried increasing the heap and haven't had any luck.  I would have expected to see some kind of memory allocation failure as well, but that's why I said I haven't been able to get anything really useful out of the log.  Also, the parameters that I'm using are the defaults from the Aenc1.c file in the DMAI package that ships with the DVSDK.  These default parameters seem to be acceptable according to the AAC encoder user's guide so I don't think this is the problem either.

    - Jason

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    DVSDK codec server includes only TSPA (Technology / Software Publicly Available ) codecs and AAC encoder is not licensed under TSPA hence the codec was not bundled as part of DVSDK offering.  Please follow the steps documented on this web link to integrate the codec inside DVSDK http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php?title=How_do_I_Integrate_new_codecs_into_DVSDK. The example talks about MP3 decoder but the similar steps can be used for AAC encoder. Please note that standard DMAI example for AAC encoder is validated on DM36x platform only and it may be possible that the defaults in DMAI may not work on DM3730, please check the AAC encoder user guide and sample example included in the encoder package. As error message pointed, you may either have configured less heap or using wrong params while configuring codec param.



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    Thank you for the response.  I did go through all these steps previously, but after reading your note I went back to double check them.  I found that some of the arguments in the AAC test application (that comes with the codec) were not the same as what was being set by the DMAI files.  I changed the sampleRate to 44100 and the bitRate to 128000 and then I was able to create the AAC LC encoder successfully.

    Thanks for your input,


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    Hello, JasonD3:

    How can I get the log files aacencodeFAIL.log,would you give me some advices?Thank you!

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    HI Jason,

    Please you have a Step - Step how include audio AAC encoder in beagleboard-XM co DVSDK 4.x ???

    I need to use AAC encoder with Beagleboard-XM , please help me !

    Best Regards,

    Fabio Moura

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    Dear All,

    I have similar problems while trying to integrate AAC-HE codec to DVSDK 4x. Here is my post on e2e,

    DVSDK 4x AAC Encoder Codec Integration Problem




    Berkant Aydemir

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    Hi, Brother, you and I meet the same problem, is dm3730 platform using AACLC Encoder?I am using AACHE Encoder , I always get a Remote Node create FAILURE message.
    sampleRate to 44100 and the bitRate to 128000