Integrating AAC Encode Codecs into DM3730 DVSDK

I want to use the AACHEENC or AACLCENC codecs on the DM3730 EVM.  I noticed that the encode demo that ships with the latest DVSDK for some reason does not include these codecs.  I've downloaded them separately from the TI website and have integrated them into the codec server.  The integration process seems to have gone smoothly.  However, when I try to create an instance of either audio encoder, I always get a Remote Node create FAILURE message.  I've tried looking at the DSP trace and there isn't any message that I can see that stands out to help figure out this error.

Does anyone know if the AAC encoders can be used on this platform?  I'm curious as to why the encode demo that ships wit the DVSDK has pretty much every other type of encode codec but suspiciously doesn't include the AAC encoders.