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Accessing H.264 Encoder on HDVICP2 Using Codec Engine


I'm working on DM816x EVM and using EZSDK

I want to use H.264 encoder not by OMX but by Codec Engine.

In document "component-sources/omx_05_02_00_30/src/ti/omx/docs/H264_Encoder_HDVICP2_UserGuide.pdf",
H.264 encoder is implemented based on XDAIS/XDM.

Definitions related XDM (VIDENC2) can be found in "component-sources/omx_05_02_00_30/src/ti/omx/interfaces/openMaxv11/ih264enc.h".

But I cannot find released packages (ti.sdo.codecs.h264enc, ti.sdo.codecs.h264enc.ce) related to this codec.

In the prebuilt HDVICP2 firmware binary, I can find strings like "CERuntime_Init", "Engine_open", "VIDENC2_process", ...
So I guess that the distributed HDVICP2 firmware is accessed by Codec Engine.

Can I make Codec Engine in my application without packages like ti.sdo.codecs.h264enc, ti.sdo.codecs.h264enc.ce?

Some of my config is like below.

var osalGlobal = xdc.useModule('ti.sdo.ce.osal.Global');
osalGlobal.runtimeEnv = osalGlobal.DSPLINK_LINUX;
var Engine = xdc.useModule('ti.sdo.ce.Engine');

And during initialzation, try to open Engine like this way.

  engErr = Engine_addStubFxns("VIDENC2_STUBS", (IALG_Fxns*)&VIDENC2_STUBS);
  engDesc.name = ENGINENAME;
  engDesc.memMap = NULL;
  engDesc.useExtLoader = FALSE;
  engDesc.remoteName = "dm816x_hdvicp.xem3";
  engErr = Engine_add(&engDesc);
  engAttrs.procId = "VIDEO-M3";
  hCE = Engine_open(ENGINENAME, &engAttrs, &engErr);

The function Engine_open() returns NULL with error code 3 (EDSPLOAD).

No memory map is changed, and the firmware and application is in the same directory.

Questions are:

1. Can I get the H.264 Encoder packages (with or without source)?

2. Modules in the prebuilt firmware can be accessed by Codec Engine?

3. If possible, how the configuration and code should be changed?