License of H264 Encoding (h264venc_sn.dll64P)


Platform: BeagleBoard-xM (ARM+DSP-DM3730), Ubuntu 10.12, Kernel 3.7.10.

I have seen the licensing issue of H264 encoder (h264venc_sn.dll64P) discussed in one of the forum pages but unfortunately no detailed information about how I can get a licensed version of h264venc_sn.dll64P. I'd like to know if there is any contact point? Who shall I contact to about that?



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  • Hello,

    I know this is a somehow old topic, but I am also trying to work with the H264 encoder on a DM3730 platform, and looking for a way to get the licensed h264venc_sn.dll64P. I went through all the forum pages related to the subject, but could not find any contact information.

    Could a TI member tell me who I should contact to get help on the subject?

    Thanks in advance.