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This forum is for issues on TI supplied video, imaging, speech and audio codecs

           To enable us to quickly respond to your queries kindly give the following details when you have query/issue to be   answered.

  • Before you post     

o       Please search the Wiki for your query

o       Please search the e2e forum for your query

o        For basic questions on TI Codecs, please check TI Codec_FAQ

§ Links to the Wiki topics

§        Configuring codecs to different application:

§        Performance benchmarking of video software on DM6467

§        Codecs porting on Linux - DM365 :

§        Using smart codec features in DM365 :

§        Understanding H.264 decoder buffer mechanism:  


Please search the FAQs in the below links

o    DM6467 DM6467 FAQ

o    DM365  DM365 FAQ

o    DM6446 DM6446 FAQ

o    Using 64x+ codecs on other C64X+ cores Using C64x+ codecs on other c64x+ cores

Good chance your question is answered there

  • When reporting a bug or a query , please include ...     
    •  Which device you are building for
    •  Codec or DVSDK version number
    •  Steps to reproduce the problem along with the following
    •  Input data
    • Input configuration
    • Output


  • This forum is NOT for questions about:
    • DVSDK integration issues, these issues needs to be logged in the appropriate HLOS  forum
    • Application issues
    • Driver related issues


  • Here are a few more guidelines for using the forum:
    • Please provide tags for your post with any relevant details or keywords to help the overall community (e.g. H264 Enc, DM6467, OMAP35xx etc)
    • If you are satisfied with the answer, please mark the thread as "Verified Answer"
    • Create separate posts for unrelated issues





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