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invalid link path

I copied the entire C6748 StarterWare installation directory, c:\ti\C6748_StarterWare_1_20_02_02,  into my workspace directory.  I imported and built the drivers project, drivers_c674x_c6748. I then tried to link drivers.lib into my project. Under Build Options, C6000 Linker, File Search Path, I clicked the green plus (+), clicked the workspace button, then selected drivers_c674x_c6748/Debug/drivers.lib and clicked OK.  This gave me the path "${workspace_loc:/drivers_c674x_c6748/Debug/drivers.lib}". But...the path is really "${workspace_loc:/C6748_StarterWare_1_20_02_02/build/c674x/cgt_ccs/c6748/drivers/Debug/drivers.lib". drivers.lib file is never found.

I did not notice at first since I used the Workspace button. I will fix my reference to the proper path but this seems really odd.

  • Kurt,

    If you copy the StarterWare CCS projects into your workspace, you will need to modify a lot of relative paths to get the projects building correctly.  Generally speaking, it's better to leave the projects in the original location (i.e. C:/ti/<Device>_StarterWare_<version>/build/cgt_ccs/...) and import them into CCS without copying them to your workspace.  (This is done by simply leaving a box unchecked during the import process.)  That way, you shouldn't have to change any paths in your imported projects.

    Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any questions about the import process.


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  • In reply to Joe Coombs:

    Actually, the sample projects build equally well from the install location and when copied to another location.  This is a welcome relief from previous samples that would not build anywhere without sometimes major modification.

    I need to copy everything into one directory because our code goes into source control. At some point it will all be extracted and built on another computer in order to run automated unit tests. In that case it is significantly easier to put everything under one directory.

    But, I digress.  The point of this post was not the install location or copying somewhere else.  The point was that CCS v5 let me create a completely invalid pointer to another project in the same workspace. I could probably manufacture an artificial example. It seemed much easier to use what we already had. If you follow the steps outlined then you will not be able to build the project.

    I accidently posted this to the BIOS forum.  Somebody moved it here.  It really should go into the Code Composer Studio forum as it has nothing to do with StarterWare.


  • In reply to Kurt Jensen:


    I'm glad to hear that your projects are building correctly.  I guess if you copy the entire StarterWare folder structure (including source, headers, and binaries), then it should work out OK.  In general, I still recommend leaving the projects "in place" for most users.

    I recommend creating a new thread on the CCS forum to report the underlying project reference issue.  Since it's probably not unique to StarterWare projects, it would be best if you could recreate it using simple "hello world" type projects.  Otherwise, someone may think it's a StarterWare-specific question and move it back to this forum again. :)


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