usb_dev_bulk.c Starterware and SYSBIOS

Hi all,

I try to create a USB communication (Bulk), i use ccs 5.1, Starterware and SYSBIOS 6.

I joint my USB.c file, its mostly the same as the usb_dev_bulk.c but without the LCD code.

I want to create a task with SYSBIOS that will be run my function : void USB(void) (see in my USB.c) This task will manage all the traffic on the USB. The problem is when i create my task and associate the function void USB(void) to the task, i got this error:

undefined               first referenced
symbol in file
--------- ----------------
USBBufferDataWritten ./USB.obj
USBBufferFlush ./USB.obj
USBBufferInfoGet ./USB.obj
USBBufferInit ./USB.obj
USBBufferSpaceAvailable ./USB.obj
USBDBulkInit ./USB.obj
g_pucUSBRxBuffer ./USB.obj
g_pucUSBTxBuffer ./USB.obj
g_sBulkDevice ./USB.obj
g_sRxBuffer ./USB.obj
g_sTxBuffer ./USB.obj

error #10234-D: unresolved symbols remain
error #10010: errors encountered during linking; "Plasma_Detek_DSP.out" not

Does SYSBIOS support the Starterware function?

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