StarterWare and SYSBIOS in EMAC example


I'm working with OMAPL138 processor and StarterWare libraries. I have successfully run the Ethernet echo example (in the DSP core, I know that there are some troubles to make the example work in ARM core) and now I'm trying to include SYSBIOS in the project.

So I've included it by selecting "Apply Project Template" and SYS/BIOS minimal/typical project. One question, what must I do with the linker command file (echoApp.cmd)?

In order to be able to compile I have removed it from my version of the example. I have had to change the included patches to reach the correct locations and I have put the example code in a task. It finally compiles and I can start the debug. The problem is that when the example calls the lwIPInit function either the returning value is 0 or the funcion enters in a loop and never finishes.

I have defined the heap and program stack to 0x1000 in the cfg file and in linker basic options but the result is the same.

Have you tested the StarterWare EMAC functions with SYS/BIOS? What am I doing badly?


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