Mcasp. SIO_create function crash because of the DSPLINK module.

Hello. I develop application for the OMAP-L138 platform. I use packets of bios_5_41_10_36, pspdrivers_01_30_01, edma3_lld_01_11_02_05, dsplink_linux_1_65_00_03. Without DSPLINK code implementation, the SIO_create function successfully returns a descriptor of a stream of SIO. When I use DSPLINK, the SIO_create function permanently returns NULL. That it to avoid, I made the following.

1)In Linux kernel I excluded the ALSA module.

2)On DSP side I excluded initialization of the registers KICK0 and KICK1. 

Unfortunately, it didn't help. Therefore I ask for help at experts of Texas Instruments.

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