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XGCONF editor not showing.

Using CCS with XDC tools RTSC/XDCtools

Does anybody else have this issue? I have tried deleting my metadata folder and reimporting my projects: does not seem to help.

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    the error message from the console means that the package directory used by Xgconf somehow ended up being corrupted. It's a temporary package, which you can remove and will be recreated. That should bring Xgconf back to life.
    I'll explain how to remove it but before you remove it, please zip it up and post it here so I can debug it further.

    First, you have to find your project on the disk. If you are not sure where it is, click on Project->Properties->Resource. You'll find the field "Location" there, and it points to the directory on the disk. Go to that directory and you'll see a directory .config. Zip it up and post it here, and then remove it. Reopen the CFG script in Xgconf and check if it helps.

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    That indeed fixed it. Let me know if you need any more info to help debug how it got corrupted.