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Part Number: EK-TM4C1294XL

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

We are trying to implement MQTT on TM4C1294XL launch pad. Can we port the MQTTClient code available from Eclipse Paho.

I have tried to implement MQTT client implemented by CC32x processor, Everything is fine but it's not working for us and showing the error as header files are not found.

Is there any alternative solution for this launchpad?

  • Regunath,

    We do not have a TI-RTOS/MQTT solution for TivaC currently. But I believe it should be possible to port Eclipse Paho to TI-RTOS/NDK stack. Which header files are you unable to find? Can you post the error message? Also, can you share the porting layer that you have implemented? I can have a look and help you with porting.

  • We have SUCCESSFULLY implemented MQTT pub/sub on TM4C1294XL launch pad. We have done this by porting the MQTT Client code available from Eclipse Paho.

    We have achieved this by modifying the transport layer (transport.c) file and few more changes in application code. We basically made transport bridge between MQTT lib code to TI-RTOS socket.
    Also, we need to create a new TI-RTOS task and run this MQTT app inside this task.

    With this modification, we could successfully establish socket communication, MQTT publish and MQTT subscribe. We could maintain the subscribe connection (subscribed topic) always and getting the published topic data from MQTT broker any time.   

  • In reply to Regunath Siva:

    Hi Regunath,
    I'm also trying to implement MQTT on TI-RTOS. I'm using Concerto (M3 core).
    So could you please provide source code you was ported?
    Thank you,