“DSP/BIOS 6” startup functions


I’m using “Code Composer v4” and “DSP/BIOS 6” for RTOS with “EZdsp F28335” hw. platform.  I downloaded  “header files and peripheral examples” for my  F28335 and test them.

I wanted to learn if Texas Instruments published a document or examples about using HAL drivers with DSP/BIOS-6 .  I have a questions about this union.

** I think DSP/BIOS generate some startup functions and execute them before main() . These startup functions include PLL initialize , watchdog initialize, interrupt vector mapping etc.. After these initialize functions ,we put some functions in the main with the same task, like InitSysCtrl() , InitPieVectTable()  etc.. Is it necessary?? Are we override the DSP/BIOS startup functions??




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