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RTOS/TI-RTOS: Cannot get available products window to show anything

Part Number: TI-RTOS

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

CCS Version  Version:  just updated.

This used to work, now not at all

Launch CCSV7 with clean option after update.
Create new Workspace
Project -> New CCS Project
Target MSP430FR5994
Name Test01
TI_RTOS Examples
Driver Examples
Empty Examples
Empty Project

Next Select TI-RTOS for MSP43X
Build Profile: Release
All the defaults
XDCTools default is but select as it is newer.
Build project
Get errors
Description Resource Path Location Type
error #148: declaration is incompatible with "xdc_Ptr ti_sysbios_BIOS_RtsGateProxy_Proxy__delegate__S(void)" (declared at line 244 of "C:/ti/tirtos_msp43x_2_20_00_06/products/bios_6_46_00_23/packages/ti/sysbios/package/BIOS_RtsGateProxy.h") .xdchelp /Test01 line 7482 C/C++ Problem

Select 3.323.0.06_core
Clean and build
No errors this time
Now select empty.cfg to view
No Available Products Window
Select view - Available products window.
Window opens but tells me there is no RTSC configuration b Filke op0en. But have one open empty.cfg
Apparently it doesn't recognize it
Create new RTSC Configuration File from new file menu  file: Same story
Now what?

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    Screenshot.rtfCompressed the screenshot

  • In reply to Frank Chambers:

    I am not sure if you still have this problem, but in case you do I would like to ask you for a screenshot that shows Available Products View and the XGconf view at the same time. Right-click on the CFG script and then choose Open With->XGCONF. Can you post a screenshot of the XGconf view, while Available Product View displays the message that there are no open CFG files?

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  • In reply to Sasha Slijepcevic:

    It is still a problem but getting curiouser and curiouser.  I have attached a compressed file with two screen shots.  The first illustrates the original problem, which still exists.  In the first one I double cliked the cfg file and got the error., also note that there is no [TIRTOS] after the file name.

    The second screenshot is after opening the cfg file with XGCONF.  Now all is well, it even added the [TIRTOS] indicator.  If I close both instances of the cfg file and then reopen with a double click, in the same sessio.  Available products is ok.

    If I exit CCS and reenter and do the same thing it remebers that it is actuallly a config file.  If I pick a different project the same problem with a double click. open it with XGCONF and it is good to go as a cfg file

    It appears thatthe first time you open a TIRTOS project and double click it doesn't recognize the file for what it is, Once it get s opewned directly by XGCONF it remembers.

    Hope this helps.



  • In reply to Frank Chambers:

    screens shots display an expected behavior. A CFG script can be opened in two different ways: in a text editor as a regular text file or in the XDGconf view. When it's opened as a text file, there is no extra processing that detects which products are used in the project and you get that message in the Available Products view.

    CCS comes with a default action when you double-click on a CFG script. For CCS 7.1, the default action is to open a CFG script in a text editor, but you can change the default, which is what you did.

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