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RTOS/MSP432P401R: .

Part Number: MSP432P401R

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

need to interface JF2 Gps modules from telit,

Application note says, Module works as Master transmit and slave recieve in I2C bus.

By default module will be master ,

Hence our MCU MSP432 needs to be configured as slave with address 0x62.

Could not find options to configure MCU as slave in TI RTOS API's

is there any option available

  • Hi Kavan,

    We have a I2CSlave driver in TI-RTOS, but no examples.
    In the new SimpleLink SDK (product that is replacing TI-RTOS for MSP432), we have a I2CSlave driver and example.

  • In reply to ToddMullanix:

    Thank you
    are the API's in Simple Link SDK part of latest TI RTOS as well?

    Which version of TI RTOS contains I2CSlaveInit(), such API's

    Is it possible to configure I2C channel in master transmit and slave receive mode? i.e is it possible to dynamically configure i2c channel as master/ slave during runtime using the API's in TI RTOS/ those described in SimpleLink SDK <EOM>
  • In reply to Kavan Acharya:

    The TI Drivers in SimpleLink SDK are essentially the same as TI-RTOS Drivers. There might be some changes with the way it is configured but the APIs are the same.