Where to find build files for "OpenCV on TI's DSP+ARM platform" white paper. (spry175.pdf)

This White Paper "OpenCV on TI’s DSP+ARM® platforms: Mitigating the challenges of porting OpenCV to embedded platforms" (http://focus.ti.com/lit/wp/spry175/spry175.pdf ) has a statement describes exactly what I am looking for.

"The DSP side algorithm links with a static OpenCV library that is built from the mainline OpenCV source code with minimal modifications using TI’s optimizing C compiler"

I'd like to recreate that build environment - Where can I find the build files, patches, versions used, etc.  For example, is there a TI_CGT.cmake file that was created for this?   What versions of the components were used (OpenCV,  TI CGT 7.2 ? )