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Boot problem with SysBIOS on beaglebone

Hello All,

I have a beaglebone board.Somedays before I finished debug a simple project with SYSBIOS for just blink a led.It run OK when I debug it in in CCS(with out gel init file already).

But when I try to make a bin file and put to SD card.It can generate a proper bin file but can not boot and run.

my post link command is here:

"${CCS_INSTALL_ROOT}/utils/tiobj2bin/tiobj2bin.bat" "E:\CCS_Workspace\typical_BeagleBone_CortexA\Debug\typical_BeagleBone_CortexA.out" "E:\CCS_Workspace\typical_BeagleBone_CortexA\Debug\typical_BeagleBone_CortexA.bin" "${CG_TOOL_ROOT}/bin/armofd.exe" "${CG_TOOL_ROOT}/bin/armhex.exe" "${CCS_INSTALL_ROOT}/utils/tiobj2bin/mkhex4bin.exe" & "C:\ti\AM335X_StarterWare_02_00_00_07\tools\ti_image\tiimage.exe" "0x8000bbd8" "NONE" "E:\CCS_Workspace\typical_BeagleBone_CortexA\Debug\typical_BeagleBone_CortexA.bin" "E:\CCS_Workspace\typical_BeagleBone_CortexA\Debug\typical_BeagleBone_CortexA_ti.bin"

INside the command line I put the entry address from my .map file.It is here:

TI ARM Linker PC v5.0.1
>> Linked Sat May 11 21:58:23 2013

OUTPUT FILE NAME: <typical_BeagleBone_CortexA.out>
ENTRY POINT SYMBOL: "_c_int00" address: 8000bbd8

Same post link command can work on other sample project in starterware(But without usage of SYSBIOS) on my machine.The only different is the load address is 0x80000000.

I dont know why it can not run with program with SYSBIOS.Could anyone help?

Thank you!

  • Hi Bin,

    I think the entry point needs to be aligned to a 0x400 boundary. You could take a look at this FAQ page on how to align c_int00. I think you could add this to your .cfg file and it would like something like this below, but don't quote me on it. Take a look at the SYS/BIOS FAQ.

    Program.sectMap[".c_int00 { boot.aea8<boot.oea8> (.text) }"] = new Program.SectionSpec();
    Program.sectMap[".c_int00 { boot.aea8<boot.oea8> (.text) }"].loadAlign = 0x400;