Please post questions about DSPLink, SysLink, and IPC in the device forums

Due to personnel and team shifts, customer support for the DSPLink, SysLink, and IPC products will no longer be handled in the TI-RTOS forum.  Please post any questions you have directly in the respective device forums.  These forums include:

The IPC support in TI-RTOS specifically implemented for TI’s microcontroller products is being officially deprecated (does NOT apply to the above devices), which means that customers are discouraged from using this product for any new development. IPC will ultimately be removed as a component from the TI-RTOS for C2000 product sometime in Q4 2015. The reason for this is an insufficient level of interest from our customers and to allow the team to refocus their development efforts on higher priority products.

Since the source code to IPC is provided with the product, existing users can continue to use it if they wish; however, further development by TI will cease and maintenance and support will no longer be provided.


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    Thank you for the information.

    Rajasekaran K
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