• Resolved

RTOS/TMS320f28377s: CCSv7 RTOS C2000 support

Part Number: TMS320f28377s

Tool/software: TI-RTOS


i am having some issues with TI RTOS after updating to CCSv7.

first off all, when i open the .cfg file of my RTSC project i don't get the gui anymore, only the c++ script shows.

I got some compiler issues regarding the platform and target name

but i can't find what these setting should be. I tried to import some example projects from the tirtos_c2000_2_16_01_14_examples folder but no projects show up in my import dialog...

and last: i can't seem to download any software from ti because i get an 'ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION' message from the website (

) but i suppose that will be fixed in a while...