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BIOS MCSDK Package roadmap for CCSv5 on a Linux development host

Hi there,

Any input regarding availability of BIOS MCSDK Package suitable for a Linux development host (e.g ,  xxx.tar.gz distribution format).

Also, I wish to push my luck and attempt a partial integration of current MCSDK 1.0.0 under CCSv5 instead of CCSv4.


[1] after a bit of a struggle , CCSv5 works fine under Fedora-14 64 bits, through a XDS-100v2-USB JTAG emulator (BH), driving my EVMC6474 hardware.

[2] no interest in MS OSes for professional use whatsoever ...

[3] final custom target : a C6474+Virtex-6 PCIex4 video processing board).

[4] by the way, (totally unrelated), why not release a multi-architecture 32/64 bits CCSv5 Linux-host distribution ? that would be cheap and everyone on the planet went 64 bits long ago ... (cf. Xilinx ISE)


  • Alain,

    We currently do not have firm plans, as of yet, to support  CCsv5 under Linux. Right now we are in the planning and discussion phase with respect to that for the MCSDK 2.0 release which will be available in May of this year.

    As far as a partial integration goes, hopefully its not too painful for you. I will see if I can get some pointers or other potential gotchas identified for you.

    I will pass your comment along to the CCS team with respect to the 64 bits.

    Best Regards,


    Jack Manbeck DSP Systems Unified Architecure
  • In reply to Jack Manbeck:

    Thanks Jack

    I have already undertaken the task of porting MCSDK-1.0 to CCSv5 under Linux-Fedora-14-x86_64 ; it may provide a good framework for the current task we have at hand

    So far, so good and I'll kick back the results as soon as I get a chance to thoroughly test the code with the EVMC6474 I have at hand Also, I'll order a EVMC6474Lite as well and finish the port as soon as TIe-store allows (is EVMC6474Lite available for purchase yet ?).

    FYI: (on CCSv5)

    Running a 32 bits version of CCSv5 on a 64 bits distro boils down to pull all the 32 bits dependencies one at a time (a guess game nightmare). Besides, 64 bits platforms have become mainstream and 32 bits compatibility should be confined to legacy code support.

    IMHO , running upstream eclipse-platform code through a JVM is rather tedious, although latest releases show significant improvements over flaky versions of the past...At the same time, Fedora stroke a good compromise long ago by coming up with a gcj-compiled eclipse-platform package, fit for purpose, much faster and more stable than its interpreted form, while retaining the flexibility of eclipse native plugin framework. The 64 bits gcj Helios version under Fedora-14 makes eclipse not look and feel like a fat broken toy any more... CCSv5 with a radically different direction taken, feel like a breeze of fresh air, good move TI ...

    It may be worth touching base with the CCS team.

    Let's keep in touch.

    Best Regards


  • In reply to Alain CLEMENT:



    Unfortunately, a true 64-bit CCSv5 is not currently in the near term roadmap.  As you mentioned, the Eclipse component of CCS are already availble in 64-bit but there are many other components in CCS (like drivers, debug server, etc..) that have not been ported ot 64-bit.

    That being said, the current  32 bit CCSv5 is supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux. If you run into any issue, please let us know the CCS forum. The link below, details, features, ISA and Host OS currently supported on Linux:



  • In reply to Raju Pandey:

    Hi Jack, Raj, David

    Thanks for your diligence, it's truly appreciated.

    Heads up regarding my partial MCSDK port to CSSv5 (Linux-host / latest version : :

    Only the NDK once installed in the top-directory showed up as a usable XDS/RTSC package out of the box 
    - NDK ..... OK (straight-forward)

    Most MCSDK components for a C6474 platform got rebuilt from source as static libraries (CCS/RTSC projects) :
    - CSL
    - CSL_INTC
    - EDMA3
    - EMAC
    - NIMU
    - EVMC64x platform-utils
    (I have left out bootloader components for now ...)

    Also built
    - DirectIO ("OS-support" build, a couple of unresolved references with SYS/BIOS, nothing dire though)
    - & RapidIO-MQT as a direct dependency

    All builds targeted to a C6474 device / EVMC6474 platform for now (bring-up of our custom C6474 boards to follow).

    To this end, I created a CCS/RTSC project for each library source .I then added a RTSC configuration file to each of these projects.
    Finally, Debug + Release versions got built for all of the stuff above. (as properly configured CCSv5 managed eclipse projects).


    - IMHO, your CCSv5.0.1.00026 / Linux release seems  "good enough" so far ... true eclipse integration, going mainstream at last is really appreciated

    - Never mind the lack of XDS560R support for now, our focus remains on building a decent integrated development rig and kicking off software infrastructure tasks at this stage.


    [1] Where can I find the famous "XDC Producer User’s Guide" - SPRUEX5 ? (Provides information about creating XDC packages ...).
    [2] Precisely, how to create/publish/integrate/install ... etc ... RTSC packages from the above generated RTSC library projects for CCSv5 ? 
    [3] A set of tools must have been used somehow to create e.g. the NDK XDS package ... what and where are they ?

    Note: I have already wasted much of my time going through the XDS/RTSC documentation ...

    Thanks in advance for your support.


  • In reply to Raju Pandey:


    We really appreciate your feedback and the progress you have made on porting MCSDK to CCSv5 under Linux.

    You are correct in the list of static libraries that were not recognized by CCS (Mostly because those libraries are part of a single Eclipse Feature one for MCSDK and one for the PDK). The components within MCSDK are a mix, today, of RTSC projects and CCS projects. If you go to the WIKI for MCSDK there is a snapshot for each project that lists whether it is a RTSC or CCS poject: 

    I am corresponding with the RTSC team here within TI to get answers to your questions below.

    Im not sure if the SPRU5 document has been written. I will let you know.  The version 4 document can be found here: You can also consult, if you have not, the Users Guide for XDC here:  .  Have you been through the documents on the Eclipse site? Your response indicated you had read some of the XDC/RTSC documentation but not which ones and they didnt sound as if they were helpful for what you were looking for?

    Also, we have been discussing whether to move the rest of the static libraries in MCSDK to RTSC projects. Id welcome your thoughts and experiences on that subject and a vote if you would like to give one.



    Jack Manbeck DSP Systems Unified Architecure

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