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WinCE/OMAP3530 OpenGL app hangs after system enters systemidle (powerstate-D2)


I am executng an OpenGL application on OMAP platform, The application works properly till the device enter systemidle mode, But after systemidle mode the OpenGL app hangs.

the other wince applications are working properly even after the systemidle mode.


Why the OpenGL app should hang in this situation, Is there any configuration for SGX module we need to do?




  • Hi Muragesh,

    Which version of the BSP are you using (You can use the icon in the control panel for this)?  When you say that the application is hanging, does it mean that after taking it out of idle (mouse/keyboard event) it does not start again?  Do you need to reboot you platform?  What is the behavior that you see for User-Idle?



  • Comment from 6.14.release notes:

    3D Graphics
    o  Rebuilt PowerVR Graphics DDK binary components for the BSP 6.14 release
    o  Suspend/Resume for SGX core fixed

    So assuming you are not on 6.14 yet (out since a week or so) this is a known issue and already fixed.


  • In reply to Mauricio Sanchez15270:

    Hi Mauricio,


    Thanks for your reply.

    For your Clarification: OpenGL application is hanging  when enter the idle(D2) mode and not waking up after coming out of idle mode. We have to reboot the device.

    But when  the system enters suspend(D3) mode , if wake up the device by  touch/key event it is retaining properly even for OpenGL application also.

    We are facing this problem only with D2 state that to for only graphics application(for example OpenGL).



  • In reply to Frank Walzer:

    Hi Frank,

    Can I take PowerVR alone from from 6.14 and build with my old platform/BSP?

    Will it work?



  • In reply to muragesh math13999:

    As far as I know this is not recommended. At least it is not tested and will result in an unsupported configuration.

    I would prefer to upgrade to the new BSP.


  • In reply to muragesh math13999:

    Hi Muragesh,

    This is a really strange behavior.  The fixes I made in 6.14 are meant to solve an issue in which the board was hanging during the suspend/resume cycle (I assume you are using an older version given the answer you gave Frank) but it was behaving correctly for D1 and D2; except  for the fact that rendering stopped at D1 (Are you using the PVRShell?).   Since I presume you are dealing with Power Management, I'd suggest you to move to 6.14 since there are also some additional improvements in the BSP in this are as well.