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Win Ce6 NAND embedded

Hello every  one

I am looking for external solutions to recalibrate touch screen for NAND embedded CE6 (embedded locked) GPS

The devices are confirmed CE6 operating systems and the Win CE6 registry default touch tone calibration can not 

operate the embedded NAND software menus that operate the devices. 

The touch control input registry flag is set to 0 there is no startup calibration access  after boot up the touch input

focus is off to the side of the  video menu functions. Activating menu functions result 5cm off of function menu so

the GPS has lost touch focus calibrated input.

The USB file system access option has no WIN Ce6  NAND image or NAND root access...

Only the custom GPS application software maps are visible connected to a PC with USB dongle

As a newbie I ask for advice / directions

How to and can I force the embedded NAND Ce6 access to REGEDIT and or execute a Touch Control calibration

at boot up... 

Perhaps i can do a (my boot.exe) rename the original application software to enter the CE6 regedit and set the

touchpad calibration =1 to always ask for a touch pad calibration at boot up...

Perhaps there is already a EXE file that was scripted to repair lost touch pad input calibration co-ordinates

This problem was developed over several different  GPS manufacturer embedding the WinCe6 operating system

and the loss of touch control focus calibration is most noticeable after a complete battery drain forcing a mechanical

push button system reset after recharging the GPS internal battery. After battery recharge all device boot up and

operate with lost input there is no touch control access because the touch contact point XY coordinates are off

the displyed menu and as example touching the far left section of the screen menu activates the far right

section of the screen menu forcing all left screen menu functions unable to operate.

Thank you in advance for simple newbie solutions