Newbie seeking help on Win CE installation, getting started.

Hello frineds,

I am newbie to WinCE. I want to get beginners help on every thing to get started with my OMAP-L138 EVM form logic PD, CCS5.1, StarterWare.

1.  What files should I download and from where . How to install them on to OMAPL-138 EVM using SD card/USB memory stick.  First I want to try the royalty free

2.  Is it possible to work on DSP side with StarterWare (non-OS) and ARM9 side with StarterWare (WinCE)? If yes, How to communicate between them? How to run StarterWare example program on top of WinCE? Where can I get sample example projects files for ARM9?

3. Whats the difference between Win CE6 and Compact 7? Which is more appropriate for my new design since  my ARM9 /OMAPL138 should abe able to interface USB-DAQ board , should be able to connect to another Laptop on peer-to-peer ethernet connection , should be able to provide graphical UI using .NET frame work(C/C++,Visual studio 2005) on ARM9 side.

Please reply soon with proper links to the sources.

Thank you in advance.

Yours frined,


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  • Mahesh, You should really make your post her: for starterware as opposed to the WinCE forum.  You can also go to the TI Embedded Processor Wiki for general information.  Here is a link on the wiki for the Starterware and includes the "Getting Started Guide" and has really good search.  Sorry I can move your post over to the Starterware forum for you.