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Where can I get Windows Embedded Compact 7 Updates downloaded, per release notes of WinCE-BSP ARM-A8 User Guide

I was trying to install TI BSP_WINCE_ARM_A8_02_30_00 on my computer. As per user guide stated:

"Required Software
The following software must be installed prior to installing the TI ARM_A8 BSP. Note that the software must be
installed in the order listed. Contact Microsoft for more information about the listed software and known issues with
the installation process:
For BSP 2.x
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Service Pack 1
• Windows Embedded Compact 7
• Windows Embedded Compact 7 Updates - update 1 to update 4 (Oct 2011)


Actually I can only find Windows Embedded Compact 7 Update 3 from MS website:


Could someone tell me where can I get all these Windows Embedded Compact 7 Update 1 to update 4 downloaded?


  • Weidong,

    The October update seems to be here. And I think this update will include all the changes from previous updates also.




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  • In reply to Aparna Balasubramanian:

    thanks to point it out.

    Windows Embedded Compact 7 - M10 2011 Update Rollup


    This release contains the Update on top of the list.

    If previously released Updates are not installed on the development system, all missing updates will be installed.


    Fixes made in this update:


    Update 4 (October 2011)


    Component: BLUETOOTH

    • 111031_KB2633756 - This update changes IdlePhys Registry Entry value to 9 to allow to pass the Bluetooth L2CAP test.

    Component: DHCP

    • 111025_KB2627558 - If a DHCP conflict is detected within a Windows Embedded Compact 7 device with 2 adapters, the device may not send a DHCP Decline to re-start the DHCP assignment.

    Component: MSFLASH

    • 111025_KB2600014 - This update addresses errors that may lead to build breaks.

    Component: NETIO

    • 111025_KB2606506 - If the LAN is disconnected, the Address Type of IP address is shown as 'static' incorrectly.

    • 111026_KB2626907 - GetPerAdapterInfo may return incorrect DNS servers list.

    • 111027_KB2590581 - Certain USB bus transaction errors may cause a USB device to stop functioning.


    Previously released updates that might be installed:


    Update 3 (October 2011)


    This update provides new tools, application updates and bug fixes for Windows Embedded Compact 7.


    Update 2 (July 2011)


    Component: HTTP

    • 110731_KB2568877 - This update addresses possible delay when opening an ASP page from a webserver.

    Update 1 (June 2011)

    • This update adds support for RemoteFX to Windows Embedded Compact 7 for use in Thin Client devices.