USB High Speed Host Mode problem with DM3730 with USB3320 Phy

     Hi ,

     I am now in use of EVM2 board of DM3730 , when I test the USB Host on USB Controller port2,which connected with USB3320. I found the following problem:

1. when I plugged in a USB2.0 disk ,it can be recognized correct.

2. when I plugged in a USB1.0 mouse on Host port2,  it can't be recognized .  When I removed the mouse , and plugged in USB disk,it can't be recognized, even can't recover anymore

3.  I plugged in  USB2.0 DIsk, during it is recognizing, I removed it frome the USB, when I plugged again ,it can't be recognized , but  for about 10 minutes ,it is recognized again.

I checked the source of the driver ,and can't find any errors about it , then what's wrong with these  phenomena?

Hope For Your Reply!!


Liuyan  from company NovaStar-LED 



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