I am able to build dsplinkk.dll and execute the sample message application(on WinCE 6.0) when i create a folder DSPLINK under  $(_WINCE600)\3rdParty\DSPLINK.

Now i wanted to create an application under $( _WINCE600)\PLATFORM\<OMAPL138_BSP>\SRC\APPS\<Sample Application Folder>, for ARM-DSP communication using dsplinkk.dll

I tried copying the sample message application under  $( _WINCE600)\PLATFORM\<OMAPL138_BSP>\SRC\APPS\<Sample Application Folder>.

Under <Sample Application Folder>, created two folders gpp and dsp.

Copied the contens from \DSPLINK\dsp\src\samples\message to $( _WINCE600)\PLATFORM\<OMAPL138_BSP>\SRC\APPS\<Sample Application Folder>\dsp\message

Copied the contens from \DSPLINK\gpp\src\samples\message to $( _WINCE600)\PLATFORM\<OMAPL138_BSP>\SRC\APPS\<Sample Application Folder>\gpp\message

Added the dirs and sources files.

When i tried to build it, getting many errors ( mostly syntax errors in .h files )

Would be thankful, for any help or pointers in resolving the problem.

Also any link, to standalone sample application which using dsplinkk.dll for ARM-DSP communication, on WinCE would be helpful.