Video playback perfomance drops with increasing video resolution -wince7- AM3517


We are trying to play video files on Wince 7 on Logic PD Zoom AM3517 EVM .

We have noticed that when we increase the video resolution for a given video file , the frame rate is dropping.

For eg: When we play a video of 320x240, 30 FPS video Its playing fine. However when we double the resolution of the video (i.e. 640x480, 30 FPS) it is playing slower than the normal speed (lower framerate) . (We tried playing those two videos on a  desktop pc and couldnt find any drop in perfomance, so it is not an issue with the files themselves.)

We used Ceplayit for doing the playback.  we tried the playback on the onboard LCD as well as on DVI screen on all possible resolution provided by the BSP in eboot. (The native resolution of the External DVI display is 1440 x900 , 60Hz).

Our requirement is to make an 800 x 600 , 30 FPS video run smoothly on an external 15" LCD display (native resolution 800 x 600) with Wince7 BSP.

We have tried the same using the Linux BSPs provided for the platform. Even though the playback perfomance is slighty better , we still observed a drop in frame rate.

So is it possible to acheive smooth playback  for a 800 x600, 30 FPS video on AM3517 platform. What are the parameters that we can tweak to get a better perfomance?


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  • I find it hard to beleive that you would think the frame rate would not drop with increasing resolution.

    You are pumping almost double the amount of data through the same size pipe at a fixed clock rate. Its simple physics.

    You can not expect a 600Mhz processor with 133Mhz RAM to run like a 3Ghz PC with 600Mhz memory and advanced GPU. 

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    Hi David,

    Thak you for your response. I should probably have given a better title to my question. It was not my intention to compare the perfomance of  600 Mhz processor with a 3 Ghz one or to contradict any laws of physics :) . ( I mentioned the desktop pc just to point out that the files didnt get corrupted after the conversion i.e. the samples that we used for analysis were working fine).

    We need to play  800 x 600, 30 FPS video on an AM3517 based board connected to an  LCD display (15 ", 800 x 600, 60 Hz)  via HDMI/ DVI/LVDS Connector (customer requirement). What we observed is that even with a 640 x480 video, the  frame rate is dropping and the video playback becomes sluggish.

    So question is that wether we could do anything from a software standpoint to improve the playback perfomance?

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    The standard stuff, more memory, bigger buffers, deeper caches and use DMA.

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    Hi Kiran,

    What you mean sluggish? Like the video is corrupted with some other information or there appears some frame skip or frame cut? You can try your own directshow application to playback the required video.

    You can try out the sample application given May be the sample application that you use may render your video through GDI interface, which intern reduces rendering frame rate a lot. The link provided renders video live from camera. You can refer to MSDN on how to render from file, make modification and test.


    Sathya Kumar P

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    I have a different problem but thought to ask on the same topic.

    i am using wince7 with omap4430


    After playing a video file, a black screen shows up & no response from video player. The black screen remains till i right click mouse & a pop up window with "Close" occur.


    - Is this a expected behavior 

    - if not with which QFE & TI drop the issue is not seen

    I am querying on this thread as it is mentioned above the playback is happening without any issue generally.

    Your response or any feedback will be very helpful to me.