Gold to Copper Plating

When the IC's plating or the pins are changed from Gold to Copper, does the timing gets effected (like rise n fall time or setting time of the signal from the IC pin or to the pin)? Can you tell me the significant changes in the chip (like change in package RLC values etc)?

  • Anusha,

    I work in low-speed products (audio), but I highly doubt that the difference in conductivity is going to affect the switching parameters. As far as I know, we do not have any gold-plated or even copper-plated pins. Previously (like 20-30 years ago), semiconductors used gold-plating to reduce oxidation of the leads to make for easier soldering, but at $1800/ounce, I doubt anyone is doing that any longer!



    Don Dapkus

    GaN Systems and Applications Engineering Manager

    Dallas, TX USA