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TVS3300: Is TVS3300 possble to use IO link COM3 ( 230.4kbps max)

Part Number: TVS3300

Dear Specialists,

My customer is considering TVS3300 and has a question.

Could you please advise?


According to the datasheet, TVS3300 can use IO link.

Is it possible to use IO link (COM3) which is specifies maximun frequency 230.4kbps?

TVS3300 has an input capacitance of 130pF, are there any problem?

I appreciate your great help in advance.

Best regards,


  • Hi Shinichi,

    The TVS3300 typically should be used for signal frequencies < 4kHz, or around 8kbps. Going above this frequency, you will see increases in the dynamic leakage of the device so it would not be recommended for a device requiring a maximum frequency of 230.4kbps. I hope this helps.

  • In reply to Brian Dempsey:

    Hi Brian

    Thank you for your reply.

    I understand TVS3300 is usable <4KHz.

    I feel feature description is confusing.

    If possible, I hope to revise if there is a chance.

    I appreciate your great help.

    Best regards,


  • In reply to Shinichi1:


    IO link does have the 4.8kHz rate that could be used with the TVS3300. But you are right the other two data rates are not recommended.

    However we have seen IO link being used as just simple switches which if used like that the TVS3300 would fit on there no matter the data rate.

    It is on the feature description to show that that voltage level that IO link is at is a good fit for the TVS330 even though it cannot be used in all of the scenarios.



  • In reply to Cameron Phillips:

    Hi Cameron

    Thank you for your reply and I'm sorry for late reply.

    I understand the situation.

    I only think the datasheet is better to be easy to understand.

    I am happy to revise next chance.

    I appreciate your great help.

    Best regards,