TPD5S115: The difference of three electrical charcteristics VIL, VILC and VILA

Part Number: TPD5S115

Hello ,

  There are  three  electrical charcteristics : VIL,  VILC and  VILA in the datasheet of  TPD5S115.  Can you help tell me the differences of these 3  charcteristics?

If I want the SCL_A   level are regonized  by tpd5s115 as  a Low,  the voltage level on SCL_A Pin  should  be lower than VIL or VILC or VILA?

Thank  you !

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  • Hello,

    I apologize for how confusing it seems,

    The SCL_A low level for your system should <0.082*VCCA which if VCCA is 1.8V means that a "0" to TPD5S115 is any voltage <140mV.



  • In reply to Cameron Phillips:

    Hi, Cameron

        I'm not sure I got your  meaning correctly.  

     VILC=0.065*VCCA , 

    VILA=0.082*VCCA ,  " VILA" means  " VIL MAX"

    Is it right?

    Becase I see one description in datasheet page 17 part .

    "To be recognized as a zero, the level at port A must first go below 130 mV (VILC in spec) and then stay below 170 mV (VILA in spec)"