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TPD1E05U06: polarity, clamp, short

Part Number: TPD1E05U06


Does TPD1E05U06 has polarity?

Customer used this part but some of the circuit level was clamped to 0.8V(0V - 0.8V logic level). When remove diode on this line, line was normal up to 3.3V level.(0 - 3.3V level)

I wonder if it has polarity, like pine 1 should connect to signal and 2 should be gnd, or, etc....

And how can I test if it is right or not.


  • Hi Jin-Suk,

    The TPD1E05U06 is a unidirectional diode which means pin 1 must be connected to the I/O and pin 2 must be connected to ground. If you connect it the other way around, the diode will break down at its forward voltage which is ~0.7-0.8V which is what you're seeing. 

    You can check the polarity fairly easily with a DMM. I've attached a link below that gives a step by step explanation of what to do. 


    Please let me know if you have any more questions

  • In reply to Matthew Xiong:

    Hi~ Xiong.

    Thanks for your feedback. It looks something wrong in TI samples and EVM devices.

    Customer reported that TPD1E05U06 didn't work after SMD and it looks polarity looks reverse.

    When I ordered sample again and it works properly but when I test at the EVM, EVM also showed wrong direction.

    I will contact to BU get some answer.

    Thanks for your advice.

  • In reply to Jin-Suk Choi:

    Sounds good, no problem! Please go ahead and mark this as resolved if there's no other questions!