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TPD2S300: Dead Battery mode - USP

Part Number: TPD2S300

In the data sheet it states :-

If desiring to power the CC/PD controller during dead battery mode and if the CC/PD Controller is configured as 
a DRP, it is critical that the TPD2S300 be powered before or at the same time that the CC/PD controller is
powered. It is also critical that when unpowered, the CC/PD controller also expose its dead battery resistors.
When the TPD2S300 gets powered, it exposes the CC pins of the CC/PD controller within 200 μs. Once the
TPD2S300 turns on, the RD pull-down resistors of the CC/PD controller must be present immediately, in order to
guarantee the power adaptor connected to power the dead battery device keeps its VBUS turned on. If the power
adaptor sees the CC voltage go high to the SRC.Open region, it can disconnect VBUS. This removes power from
the device with its battery still not sufficiently charged, which consequently removes power from the CC/PD
controller and the TPD2S300. Then the RD resistors of the TPD2S300 are exposed again and connect the power
adaptor's VBUS to start the cycle over. This creates an infinite loop, never or very slowly charging the mobile

Is there any such requirements when the CC Controller is configured as a UFP ???

  • The loop that you are describing sounds correct to the PD standard to me. It is supposed to cycle the way that you describe until connection is mode.

    The TPD2S300 utilizes the VPWR pin to determine if it should exit it's dead battery mode and pass control of the CC bus to the PD controller. If you need the bus to stay inactive, then you will need to prevent VPWR from being applied to the TPD2S300 or ensure that your PD controller holds the CC bus in legacy mode until your device is fully charged.
  • In reply to Chuck Branch:

    Sorry Maybe I wasn't clear enough - the data sheet I mentioned was that of the TPD2S300, and it appears to be describing a device that is configured as a DRP. However my device is configured as a UFP thus my question was - how does this paragraph relate to my configuration if at all ? i.e. is there any such recommendations for the TDP2S300 device when it is used in conjunction with a CC controller configured as a UFP ???