• Resolved

TPD2S300: Power Up and dead battery condition

Part Number: TPD2S300

I am using the TPD2S300 within in my device and the cc controller is configured as UFP.

When my device is not powered (i.e. dead battery ) and it is first connected to the Type C bus and power is provided on VBUS by the Host \ external power supply, within how much time does power have be provided to the VM \ VPWR pins of the TPD2S300 ?

  • There should be no time limit to when VM\VPWR has to be provided. The TPD2S300 will provide the CC resistors to ensure that 5V is provided by the DFP. The DFP should enter into legacy mode without and PD communication and provide 5V at 3A. This will be maintained until your system enabled VM\VPWR and PD communication is started. The DFP should poll on a regular basis to see if there is a PD UFP present.